April Fools Day: The History Behind It And Some Fun Pranks



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Ella Turner

We all know it, we all love it- April Fools Day! Stay tuned because you’re about to learn some fun pranks, and cool history that will be creating a fair share of laughs around your lunch table!

The origin of April Fools Day is not known for sure, but some historians think that it started when France changed their calendar. Some people got fooled into thinking April 1st was the beginning of the new year.

Now here are some prank ideas to use on your family and friends!


If you want something light and easy, go online and trick your friends or family with a hoax article. On Aprils Fools Day your inbox will probably be flooded with them. Go on google, to your email, or anywhere you can find one, and send it to whoever you want to prank! Just make sure it says “April Fools!” at the end. We don’t want anyone actually thinking that they just won a free ticket to a Broadway play!

Jello Drinks

This ones a bit more on the creative side to execute, but if you want to do it, by all means go ahead. Tell your family that you made them fruit punch. But actually, its jello. Watch as they try to suck out the fruity goodness, but can’t get any into their mouths!

Wrong Book!

This last one is definitely on the funnier side. Print out the cover of the book your sibling or friend is reading. Tape it to a book you think looks about the same size as theirs. Then take their bookmark out of their real book, and put in the the fake one. Then take a piece of paper, and on the same page that the bookmark is on, write APRIL FOOLS! When they open their “book” the next morning, they’re in for a spectacular surprise!

April Fools is a day of laughter and excitement. So whatever prank you decide to do, remember to have fun!