Book Review – Daisy Jones & The Six

Book Review - Daisy Jones & The Six

Bailey Lillvis, Staff Writer

Daisy Jones & The Six Book Review:


               Daisy Jones & The Six was a novel released in 2019 by Taylor Jenkins Reid. The book follows a 1970s rock band and is formatted like an interview transcript. Daisy Jones is a determined girl who wants to make it in the industry and become a well-known name. “The Six” is a rock band that is just gaining success and is on the way to stardom. When their worlds collide and Daisy joins their band, the rest is history. With Daisy Jones’ (Daisy Jones and The Six, lead vocalist) and Billy Dunne’s (Daisy Jones and The Six, lead guitarist and lead vocalist) indescribable chemistry and songwriting plus the group’s overall talent, it comes as no surprise that the band would rapidly become a massive success. But when things start to go wrong behind the scenes it all comes crashing down. The reason they split up has always differed but after all the interview transcripts were released, everything became clear… 

               I give this book a five-star review.  After this book and The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo (2017 novel), I knew Taylor Jenkins Reid had to be one of my favorite authors. She writes in a way that makes you question whether these characters actually exist. Her books make you feel like you’re actually part of the story and it took me less than two days to finish these novels. One of my favorite things about Taylor Jenkins Reid’s writing style is the way the amount of depth to the main character’s personality. While the protagonist of most novels and movies that you see on television make sure that you are always on their side and in the viewer’s eyes, they are always likable, Reid adds much more to the character than that. People are much more interested in characters who have their ups and downs, and their moments where maybe they aren’t so likable. That kind of depth to a character can sometimes be hard to achieve, given that the author of novels sometimes relates too much to the character, but Daisy Jones and Billy Dunne, are whole different cases. Reid captures them in a way that you occasionally are left thinking about whether they actually exist. Overall, Taylor Jenkins Reid shows some of her best work in Daisy Jones and The Six and I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t read it yet.