Cliffhanger Contest: A Group Affair!

Story by ~ Zoya Gill, Lydia Chao, Ella McArthur, Ella Bughman


I walked into the entrance of the dark forest. As I looked up, I saw the trees longing for life, I knew I had to go in, but was I ready? I took my brother’s hand, as I fearfully looked back at Grandma Betsy’s House. “Let’s go, we mustn’t wait,” I said, as a shiver went down my spine. We ambled through the shrubs, as I looked down into a small, foggy pond. The wind whipped around us, as I pulled my brother closer to me. As we headed into an open clearing, we stumbled across a mysterious, hooded figure, staring at us with menace in their dark black eyes. 

“This is it,” I said. 

Taking the grubby, glowing package with an elegant red ribbon tying it together, carefully placed on a mossy rock. 

“This package contains the information we had been waiting centuries for.”I muttered to myself. “Yes, centuries,” I thought.

 All I can do now is hope that we got this package in time.