Top 5 Summer Activities in Westport CT


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Elena Nasar

With the summer coming closer by the day, it is becoming our every thought. Whether it is thinking about summer plans or swimming in the pool, it is getting hard to focus on anything other than those warm summer days, the sun glimmering down on our skin. There are endless activities to do in Westport, as it is such an eventful town for children. At times, it can be difficult to decide how you are going to spend your summer days; however, in the following list we have narrowed the best activities in Westport down from restaurants to attractions, so you can have that perfect summer you have been daydreaming about.

  • The Whale Tea

Stop by Westport’s newest boba shop The Whale Tea for some delicious drinks. They also have an adorable seating area for you and your friends to relax on a sweaty summer day. The menu is filled with options and has a large variety of boba flavors to try!


  • Downtown Westport

Downtown Westport is probably what our town is most famous for. Downtown Westport is the perfect place to spend a nice summer day. There are so many things to do, including eating, shopping, getting your nails done, and more! Some scrumptious restaurants you can find downtown are BarTaco and Don Memo which not only have amazing food but excellent service. If you choose to eat at BarTaco, you can also appreciate the beautiful view of the well-known Saugatuck River. Westport is so lucky to have so many great clothing stores downtown such as Lululemon, Athleta, Brandy Melville, and Urban Outfitters, known to be most loved by teenagers in Westport.

  • Compo Beach

Whether it is grilling hotdogs under the nighttime sky or under the daytime sun, feeling its heat, Compo Beach is a perfect place to dig your toes into the sun and have a blast from getting ice cream to running around on everyone’s favorite, the playground. Not to mention, it is a perfect place to cool off in the ocean and explore the little fish swimming around. But don’t forget to watch out for the sharks (just kidding)!

  • The Westport Public Library

Ugh! You must be thinking that because you are on summer break you shouldn’t have to read, but when you enter the library you will see the endless reading options it has, from mysteries to nonfiction. You will also notice the comfy seats it has for you to lounge, the cafe with tasty treats, and a kids’ floor where you can find many different games. Ever since 1886, The Westport Public library has been a favorite for all the Westport residents, and it surely is a perfect activity for a summer day!

  • The Levitt Pavilion

Also found in the heart of Westport is the Levitt Pavilion where you can see many talented artists performing over the summer. It hosts one of the best music festivals you can have, with almost 60 shows from June to September. No matter what your music taste is, you can find it at the Levitt. Pop, rock, jazz, and more genres of music are to be heard multiple times at concerts at the pavilion. Though the Levitt Pavilion is known mostly for its performances, productions and movie screenings, it is also a great place to set up a picnic blanket, a lawn chair, and some good food to soak in the sun or play around in the grass with good friends.


We hope you all enjoy these recommendations and have an amazing summer in Westport to make up for the long, cold winter. Even though sometimes things can get boring, remember to look outside and appreciate all of the amazing things our town has to offer. We know that these last few weeks of school are the most stressful as middle school students ourselves but summer is the best reward so make sure you put your hardest efforts into your academics to make this summer the most advantageous summer yet!