Costumes Galore!

A Guide to Some Fun Costumes For Everyone to Enjoy!

Costumes Galore!

Ella Turner, Writer and Editor

Want some simple but fun last minute Halloween costumes? A group outfit? Or just a cool DIY idea? Well in this article, you can get all three! I’m going to be telling you about some fun, exciting, and funny ideas for your next Halloween costume!

#1: Emojis

This group outfit is sure to be a hit! Dress as your favorite emoji, and have your friends dress as theirs! All you’ll need is two big circles colored yellow, and two pieces of string to attach the two circles. Then cut out shapes resembling your emoji and glue/tape them on the front circle. Wear all black and place the circles over your head, and you’ve got a fun trendy costume, easy enough for anyone to do in just a day!

#2: PB & J!

If you’re looking for a duo costume, this is the one for you. Have one friend dress up in a peanut butter color, with the words PB written on them. Then the other friend can dress in purple and write J on them. Hold a plain white candy bucket in the middle of you two with the & symbol on it. Now you’ve got yourself  a classic easy costume to show all of your friends!

#3: It’s raining…!

If you’re looking for a solo outfit, this one’s sure to catch your attention. All you need is a clear umbrella and all black clothes. Then, you print/draw a bunch of rain drops, tacos, cats and dogs, the list goes on forever! Attach them to an umbrella and tada! You have a hilarious costume, sure to catch everyone’s attention.

#4: Crayola Crayons

This can be a group or single costume. Take a plain colored dress or shirt, and vertically write Crayola on it then add two lines on top of the shirt and the bottom. To be extra fancy, you can add a pointy hat in your color for the crayon tip!

#5: The Things

This last costume might be the easiest group costume of all! Tape a piece of felt to a red shirt saying “Thing _(number)”. You can also have one person be the Cat and the Hat!

Good luck with the costumes and hope you have a fun and spooky Halloween!