Middle School is tough…Under Pressure!

Middle School is tough...Under Pressure!

Sasha Hellmann and Liv Dunev

Dear L and S,

I have been really struggling with the pressure of tests and grades in school. If I get anything below an A I feel like a failure. My parents expect a lot of me because they were very good students. Since the beginning of the school year, it has been getting hard for me to focus and stay on task because I am so worried about my tests and my grades. I want to ask for a tutor but it is kind of embarrassing. I don’t have anyone to talk to and I am bottling up my feelings. I dread going to school every day and I thought school was supposed to be somewhere where you learn and feel comfortable but right now I don’t feel comfortable at all. – Thank you.


Dear Anonymous,

We are so sorry that this is happening to you. Last year this happened to us and we didn’t know who to tell about this. But then we started to talk to each other about this and we realized that this is a common issue throughout schools. And we started to realize that these tests are bigger in our minds than they are in reality and if we prepare enough for this and focus then we can accomplish anything! We do understand that you are probably facing bigger pressure than we were. We also suggest you talk to your parents or teachers. They will most likely understand and don’t worry about being embarrassed. If they were a good reliable resource then they would not tell anyone and help you whenever you need help. They most likely went through this too and they probably know how to deal with it. Don’t be afraid to talk to your school counselor because it is all totally anonymous. Remember you are not going through this alone. We hope you figure this out, and always know that we are here for you.


L and S

PS: here is an inspirational quote, ” it does not get easier, it gets better”- Anonymous