Where is the snow?

Where is the snow?

Bailey Lillvis, Staff Writer

Snow days have been described as the peak of childhood for many. The lack of school work plus the long hours spent playing in the snow equals to days many students hope for. However, the Northeast faces a mainly snowless Winter this year, and many are left wondering, what does this mean?

Global Warming

Global Warming is the long-term warming of the Earth’s surface and temperature. Despite going on since the late 1800s, this has been rapidly increasing recently, and it is mainly due to human activity. The burning of fossil fuels has slowly been melting glaciers, rising sea levels, and warming oceans, which can be harmful to all living things. As temperatures rise, precipitation falls in the form of downpours and rain, and the familiar snowstorms that are known as a key part of winter, slowly disappear. 

What Is At Risk?

Many associate snowfalls with a colder planet and a drop in temperatures. However, that isn’t the only benefit of a snowy winter; Snow can also act as an insulator. It helps to freeze the soil and trap gasses that would typically emit without freezing temperatures. When gasses like carbon are released into the air, temperatures rise, which just further adds to the already increasing global warming. 

Who Might Be Benefiting?

Students attending school in Manhattan might complain about how fast snow is removed from the streets, resulting in a lack of snow days, but little know the true price behind all of it. Public transportation is key to traveling in NYC, and snow storms can be described as a nightmare for employees that need to get to work on time. Snow removal is a necessity for city life. However, the city might be benefiting from the lack of snow, in terms of the high expense. The New York Post revealed that, per inch of snow, the price racks up to a shocking 12 million for snow removal. Machines, labor, and even just salt, all add up to a high total every year. This severe drop in the snow might even be seen as beneficial to some NYC residents.