How To Make a New Years Resolution


Ella Turner, Staff Writer

I bet you can’t believe that it is already 2022! With all we have encountered in 2021, It will be nice to start off on a fresh page. But, the best way to do that is something I hear people saying “whatever” to, all the time; Creating a new year’s resolution.

Creating a new year’s resolution might sound boring and intimidating, but trust me, it feels amazing to complete. Some of you might be wondering, “How do I even make a new years resolution?” Well, stay tuned, because this article is going to help you make the perfect one!

Step 1: What are your bad habits?

Figuring out the habits that you could work on is the key to a resolution. For example, If someone has a bad habit of being distracted during class, their new year’s resolution could stem from that.

Step 2: Overall idea

Once you’ve settled on a key bad habit you want to tackle this new year, morph it into an overall resolution. Instead of saying, “I lose focus while working on homework,” say, “I want to work on not losing focus during my homework!”

Step 3: SPECIFY!!!

The biggest thing I hear from a person who can’t complete a new years resolution is that “I wasn’t able to complete it. It was too hard.” When making a resolution, you want to narrow it down to be something manageable, and able to be completed.

Step 4: Reminders

Sticking with these promises to yourself may be the most challenging part. Check-in with yourself at least twice a week. Add your resolution to a monthly calendar on your wall or desk, so you can visually see it each day. Find a friend or a family member to help support you in the task and reward yourself with a special treat for each week that you stay on track with the plan.  Remember that your success will be the ultimate reward!