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Summer Word Search!

Summer Word Search!

Sarah Lyle, Writer, Chief Book Reviewer and Editor May 31, 2023

Go to this link to print a copy or see the answer key: Enjoy!  

Penguino Wars

February 8, 2023

Click on the link to see the story. Penguino Wars, Shea Abrams (1) (2)

Thanksgiving Word Search

Thanksgiving Word Search

Sarah Lyle, Staff Writer, Chief Book Reviewer, and Editor November 19, 2022

Monkeys These Days PART 2

Shea Abrams November 16, 2022


Halloween Cartoon

Denver Razza November 16, 2022

CMS Teacher Word Search

Jasper Hultgren, Staff Writer November 9, 2022

Play online:

Drawing Lessons

Hannah El Gamal, Artist and Skier April 12, 2022

Spot The Differences

Jack, Ford, Peter, and Luke, Cartoonists April 12, 2022

CMS Teachers Word Search

Sarah Lyle, Staff Writer April 12, 2022

Which Came First?

Tess Rowen, Cartoonist March 22, 2022

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