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The Original Pancake House Opening

The Original Pancake House Opening

Emme Steinberg and Olivia Dunev March 15, 2023

The original Pancake House in downtown Westport opened around a month and a half ago on January 11th. People have been waiting for a new store to open above the gelato store, La Fenice since the nail salon...

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.: Why Traveling is a MUST-DO

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”: Why Traveling is a MUST-DO

Elena Nasar, Writer and Head Editor March 15, 2023

After some reflection, I now realize how important and amazing of an experience traveling is, no matter where you go. Traveling is healthy, relaxing, and inspiring. Traveling allows you to take a break...

Students Have Too Much Screen Time

Students Have Too Much Screen Time

Sarah Lyle, Staff Writer, Cheif Book Reviewer and Editor March 8, 2023

After school, you get home and open your Chromebook to get some assignments done. But as you open it, your eyes get achy and your head starts to hurt. When this happens to me, I often push on with my work...

TikTok: A Harmless App Until...

TikTok: A Harmless App Until…

Samantha Frank March 1, 2023

When I was in third grade, COVID-19 first hit. I was begging my parents to let me have TikTok because “Everyone else has it! What harm can it do?” Little did I know Tiktok has affected me so horribly....

Should Kids Have Homework?

Should Kids Have Homework?

Sarah Lyle, Staff Writer, Cheif Book Reviewer and Editor December 22, 2022

Should kids have homework? This is a longstanding debate. Is it really worth your time, or does it improve your skills? Continue reading to find out.   Yes, homework is good for you.  Homework...

Candy Affecting Our Grades

Candy Affecting Our Grades

Olivia Beaton, Staff Writer May 18, 2022

Does Candy Help Us (kids) Learn better? We have all probably gotten candy, whether it was Jolly Ranchers from our teachers or friends, or something else. We would trade colors, (blue usually being...

Why You Shouldnt Order From Amazon

Why You Shouldn’t Order From Amazon

Jasper Hultgren and Benjamin Epstein January 26, 2022

Every day 36 million amazon packages are delivered. Amazon is arguably the most well-known company in the US. With this reputation and their widespread advertisements claiming that they pay their workers...

Sneaker Jordan1 Shooting Jordan Nike Sneakers

Are Air Jordans Worth the Purchase?

Elena Nasar, Avery Kalter January 15, 2022

"Are Air Jordan 1 Mids really worth it?" This is a common question that many teenagers ask themselves before hitting the purchase button on these popular sneakers. Air Jordan 1's are athletic but comfortable...

Effective Homework Habits

Leah Dombrow, Staff Writer January 15, 2022

Most students have probably had this happen to them.  You come home, you know you have a lot of homework that needs to get done that night, and you know that it will take forever. You wish you could finish...

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