Nuke: Preview

April 26, 2022




BOOM the earth rattled underneath my feet as civilians screamed. I saw my own classmates running and fainting. Then white smoke engulfed the area and the people of Seattle ran away in fear. Then I saw it.


                                                  A Nuke.



Chapter 1


“RING”. The bell. 3 minutes until the first period. I sprint towards the door trying to make it in time.

Oh by the way my name is Jack Martinez and I am 12 years old, I live in Seattle with my parents John, and May.

  “Sup Jack,” said Alfie Hill. Alfie is one of my friends and he is super tech savvy, he is super smart and sometimes helps me and Ben with our homework.

Ben on the other hand is super popular and does not get a lot of good grades, he does not care about school and likes video games like super smash bros. 

“We have to go,” I said.

“Yah,” Alfie, “we only have 1 minute left.

“Well that’s great. I haven’t finished my 80 years ago project on COVID 19,” said Ben

“Well that is because you were playing video games from 80 years ago,” argued Alfie

“I thought they would help”

“You thought wrong,” I said

We dashed up the stairs and into the 6th grade Social Studies classroom just before the bell rang. The teacher was not even in the classroom yet. Everyone was confused, we started talking and we just waited there until she came back.

 After 45 minutes of waiting the bell rang and we went to our next class. What was strange is that we had a substitute in Language arts.

“Ok class you might be wondering what is happening and why all of the teachers are not in class”

“Yah no duh,” said Ben in a very obnoxious voice.

“Well their all at a meeting and will not be back for another hour or two”

This was strange. I had never heard of this happening before.

“ What do you think is happening,” said Alfie

“ I don’t know”

Another period ended, we walked outside to go to recess. The sky was a dull gray and cloudy, there was a strange dark shape in the sky, but I knew it was just a big plane.

We started playing basketball when all of a sudden an ear piercing screech filled the air. Then we heard the horrifying words on the intercom.

“Students and teachers please evacuate the building immediately!”


Naturally we all ran inside.

Chapter 2

We all piled inside about 60 of us cramping into Miss Quare’s room. Wimpers were heard as someone said in a shaky voice “are we going to die?” 

Then something ran by the windows. Everyone immediately ran to the other side of the room. A hairy leg at least 20 feet tall brushed against the window and two girls shrieked at the top of their lungs.

Big Mistake.

It turned around and showed its eight horrifying red eyes and hundreds of massive teeth, oh my god that is a massive spider. Abby Johnson Screamed with a might I have never heard before and the spider bashed into the room grabbing and eating her as the rest of us ran for our lives screaming as I got outside I looked for Jack and Ben and I ran to the streets.

BOOM the earth rattled underneath my feet as civilians screamed. I saw my own classmates running and fainting. Then white smoke engulfed the area and the people of Seattle ran away in fear. Then I saw it.

A Nuke…



All of the people including me flew backwards smashing into things. A nuke less than 100 miles away destroyed everything including the school and everyone who did not evacuate in time. That included one of my teachers, Miss Quare.

I ran slowly looking for my friends. That’s when I saw Jack helping Ben up who was crying and holding a hand with ruble over the rest of the body.

That’s when I heard why he was crying.

“Noo JASON. Ahahah”

The bracelet on Jason’s hand was the one from the championship last football season when he threw Ben the winning touchdown.

I came running over to help Ben get up.

“Are you guys ok?”

“Mm hmm” whimpered Ben

“Lets go to my place” Jack says

We ran towards his house scared and shocked.

I thought 


Is this how the world ends?



Chapter 3


My friend is gone and he can’t come back. 

Standing shocked I notice that Jack and Alfie are running ahead. Well I guess I don’t get a break now that the world looks like it’s ending.

I run to catch up but on the way there I think to myself.

Could this get worse and is this just the beginning.

This was too much for me to take in. I’m the popular kid who plays sports and is very brave, not the kid who is running for his life.

Once I caught up with my best friends we started running even faster until all of a sudden a horde of zombies started chasing us in the other direction. Well until that other way was blocked by huge spiders just like the one that attacked my classroom.

“Let’s go up there” said Jack while pointing to a balcony with a ladder leading up to it.

We climbed up the ladder and noticed that the sliding door was open.

We walked in carefully. 

The apartment was silent. I looked around to see if anyone was here.

“There’s no one here” I say

“Hey look” said Jack while pointing into a room with a sofa. “It looks like the person left the TV on. Let’s see what’s on.”

We walked into the room and saw that the news was on. At the bottom of the screen it said BREAKING NEWS THE WORLD IS UNDER ATTACK BY AN UNKNOWN CREATURE AND GIANT SPIDERS. And then after that rolled by the screen even MORE bad news was said.

“Scientists made a serum for humans to drink. It is supposed to make us indestructible, but when they were testing this new serum it half killed the body and made them into zombies. If you get attacked you will become one too.”

Well this was just perfect.

Just then the door of the house smashed open and a spider came charging in.

“WE HAVE TO GET TO MY HOUSE NOW!” Jack yelled as the spider shiriked 

We ran around the spider and out the door.

15 minutes later we arrived at Jack’s house tired and sweaty.

Just as we went to open the door a zombie came out of one of the bushes but lucky for us Jack’s dad came out of the doorway and smashed the zombie in the head with a chair sending that head flying and crashing into a car’s windshield.

Well this new life is going to be hard to get used to.

“Are you guys okay?” asks Jack’s dad while breathing hard.

“Yeah we’re okay” says Jack

We walk into the house and sit down on the sofa and FINALLY get some rest.

I look over to see if Jack’s mom is home because if she is not that means she is in the middle of that mess outside. Thankfully she’s here.

“What are we going to do?” I ask

Well no one got to answer me because a laser shot the house smashing the roof. You can probably guess what came after that.

“SPIDERS!” shrieked Jack’s mom

All of us sprinted out of the door and away from the spider. The spider knocks Jack’s family away from us and into a building but we keep on running.

That’s when I notice that the spider is running away from us and not towards anyone.

“Hey how come the spider is running away?”

“I don’t know.” said Alfie

Then a whistling sound filled the air and that’s when I saw dropping six blocks in front of us a GIGANTIC NUKE.


All of us are sent flying backward. My skin feels like it’s burning and part of it is. My body feels like it’s going to be incinerated. I get a huge headache and a ringing fills my ears.

As I smash to the ground I hear a cracking sound and my body becomes limp.

I look to my left and see Jack knocked out cold bleeding badly. I also see Alfie holding his chest barely awake.

My eyes start to get foggy and I start to panic.


And then…


Chapter 4

Part one

“WE NEED MORE PARTS” someone yells from the crowd “I’ve got them Dwayne” My Father says with a smile he’s the richest person here of course he has the parts I think with a smirk. 

He makes everything into a party the world could be ending and he would go.

“Have a drink everyone,” he says, jumping into my thoughts. 

Everyone laughs and takes a sip. This is the place where everyone went after the nukes hit, the others that live in Seattle can fight for themselves while we are building a rocket to escape this place. What awaits for us in space, A new solar system, using Pidders high tech radar we could  easily find the new solar system and with our main cruiser that we are building (Plus the smaller ships that the other people ride) we will easily get there in no time and leave the rest of earth for the other people and the aliens. Oh yeah again using Pidders radar we found out that its aliens sending the strikes to our planet the nuke are smaller destroys a small radius but they will get bigger and stronger the longer we stay here, witch is exactly why we are leaving leaving everyone else that wasn’t smart enough to leave to get annihilated by the aliens.

Unless they Fight back…

Part two


The Ship is Massive. It can fit every person that can put up 1500 dollars with a bowling alley, theater, lounge, pool, and entire food court with your favorite restaurant and rooms for everyone. It’s like you never left home! That ad on the TV says, and I believe it, it looks amazing and the rooms look incredible. This looks better than earth and with Pidders calculations it won’t even take a week to get there! We will be at our new planet in no time as long as the aliens don’t follow us there which they won’t. Why go after us when there are billions of other people down there to be messed with just take them! 

Just     take      them….. 


Chapter 5

“Beep beep beep”

I open my eyes slowly. Where am I? The last thing I remembered was my parents being flung to death and a nuke hitting the earth sending us backward.

I look to both sides of me and see my two friends in beads with bandages on their arms and legs.

I look at my legs and I see blood red bandages everywhere.

“Guys” I cough.

They open their eyes.

“Where is everyone?” asked Ben.

“Oh yea. No one is here” said Alfie.

“We should rest” I say.

Just as we started to close our eyes a quiet smash of glass was heard making all of us jump.

Then from the window behind us an arm smashed through the window and then a zombie came through, and then two then three we all got straight out of the beads and limped out of the room.

“Help me” says Alfie



Want to know what happens next. Wait Wait Wait

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