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Cliffhanger Contest: Tia Diyoka & Jaslynn Lopez

Tia Diyoka & Jaslynn Lopez May 3, 2022

August 17th, 2018.   “Next, on AK news, there has been a report of 4 teen disappearances in Juneau, Alaska. Presley Houston (16), Melanie Campbell (14),”  My eyes widened. Melanie Campbell,...

Cliffhanger Contest: Max Caro

Max Caro May 3, 2022

Cliffhanger story By: Max Caro   Perry the Platypus got a call from Phineas that Dr Doofenshmirtz made a device that would make everyone love him and give their things to him. The problem...

Cliffhanger Contest: Olivia Beaton & Jess Selzer

Olivia Beaton & Jess Selzer May 3, 2022

Olivia Beaton & Jess Selzer   I stare at the wall, the distant sounds around me fading. My mind is focused. The wall was white, but specks of dirt and dust sprinkled the once clean surface....

Cliffhanger Contest: Sofia Donroe

Sofia Donroe May 3, 2022

Sofia Donroe   The Girl The girl opened her eyes.  She blinked.  Once. Twice.  Three times. She looked up. Where am I? It was a bright day, and her eyes were starting...

Cliffhanger Contest: 2ND PLACE WINNER – Denver Razza!

Denver Razza May 3, 2022

The Counterfeit people By Denver Razza   “How was that?” Tanya asks. The two girls are sitting in the hallway next to the theatre.  “Amazing,” Olive replies. “If you don’t...

Cliffhanger Contest: Naia Higa

Naia Higa May 3, 2022

Naia Higa   I pushed past the other students in the hallway. Once I get to the auditorium I take a seat in the third row, next to some other students and wait for the speech to commence. To...

Cliffhanger Contest: Josue Santamaria

Josue Santamaria May 3, 2022

Josue Santamaria       The Nerve    Chapter 1 The year is 2022, the streets are booming trying to get the best game of the year, Nerve. Nerve is for vr/virtual reality, but...

Cliffhanger Contest: Clark Cohn & Derin Leon

Clark Cohn & Derin Leon May 3, 2022

Derin Leon & Clark Cohn   Mask The pressure of the world, a weight too massive for a weak hopeless soul like myself to overcome.  Why? Expectations, sarcasm, troubles. The politeness...

Cliffhanger Contest: Ella Turner

Ella Turner May 3, 2022

Chaper Hill’s Secret By: Ella Turner, 6th grade orca   I sank my feet deep into the puffy white sand and sighed. A break- finally. You see, for as long as I can remember, all I have been...

Cliffhanger Contest: Dani Hill

Dani Hill May 3, 2022

Daniella Hill As Jordan slumps in her bed, she sighs and closes her eyes. All of a sudden, she feels a vibration from under her leg. She pulls out her phone and sees multiple missed calls along with...

Cliffhanger Contest: 3RD PLACE WINNER – Alexi Dalamagas!

Alexi Dalamagas May 3, 2022

The Wonderland of Terror By: Alexi Dalamagas Every minute felt like an hour, as Taylor stared sluggishly at the blank ceiling. The noisy chatter of students echoed within the bus and Taylor twiddled...

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