Dry: A Book Review By Sarah Lyle

Sarah Lyle, Staff Writer

The Tap-Out has been going on for a while. In the beginning, it was just a drought. But when Arizona and Nevada close the dams, most of southern California has no access to water. As society starts to fall apart, a group of survivors are brought together. Can they reach safety? Or will they kill each other first?

In Dry, Alyssa and Garrett’s parents go to the beach to get desalinated water. When their parents don’t return, Alyssa and Garrett have to go looking for them. Their neighbors, The McCracken’s , have been preparing for the apocalypse for as long as Alyssa can remember. When Kelton McCracken comes with Alyssa and Garrett to find their parents, they find Jacqui, a street smart girl who is determined to survive. When horrible circumstances force Kelton, Jacqui, Alyssa and Garrett to leave their home, they head for the bug-out, a survival shelter that Kelton’s family built in the woods.

But will they make it there without water?