Disney Icon… Closed?

Disney Icon... Closed?

Samantha Frank, Staff Writer and Contributor

If you have gone to Disney World you might know the popular attraction: Splash Mountain. It is a Song of The South-themed ride, with a thrilling 50-foot drop at the end. It features Br’er Rabbit trying to find his “laughing place” with Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear on his tail. Sadly, on January 23rd, 2023, Splash Mountain is going to be closed temporarily for the remodeling of a new theme: Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Disney said: “The Splash Mountain attraction was originally based on ‘Song of the South,’ and we are eager to create entirely new experiences that are more inclusive and inspirational for all guests.” Disney and many other guests think that Song of the South is racist towards its portrayal of plantation life, thinking it is just not appropriate for today’s world.

After operating since 1989, many people are upset about the closure and remodeling of this Disney landmark. Almost 100,000 Splash Mountain lovers have signed a petition to save it, but it was not enough to convince Disney. On the other hand, some people are supporting Disney’s choice of re-theming. About 21,000 people signed a petition in favor of it.

The ride will start off where the 2009 film ended. During the ride, you join Princess Tiana, Naveen, and the fun-loving alligator Louis preparing for the first Mardi Gras Performance. The ride will feature Zydeco music, made in Louisiana and it will truly feel like you left Orlando Florida, and Entered New Orleans.

Now that Splash Mountain will officially be gone soon, what do you think about Disney’s choice?