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Are Electronics Positive or Negative Overall?


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Are Electronics Positive or Negative Overall?

Electronics: The Effect on Health, Environment, and People
Are Electronics Positive or Negative Overall?

What are people buying these days? Electronics are far up there on the list,  but why do people buy electronics so much? The answer to this question is that people want a fast way to communicate with each other from anywhere to anywhere. They also want something that is portable and small to do all of these things. But what are the effects of electronics? Are they positive or negative overall?

Are Electronics Good For Your Health?

Lots of kids own phones, but are they good for you? According experts at the F.D.A. phones don’t affect your overall health. Do electronics make your mind mush? Parents are always telling their kids that screen time turns their minds into mush, but is it true? It doesn’t turn it into mush but it definitely has negative effects on your mind. Electronics have a negative affect on your attention span, humans used to have an attention span longer than a goldfish’s but now we have a shorter attention span than one.

Are Electronics Good For The Environment

Electronics are not good for the environment According to The World Counts your average cell phone user replaces their cell-phone every 18 months. That’s a lot of pollution and a waste of perfectly good phones. And how much E-waste (Electronic Waste) is actually put into our environment? According to The World Counts about 70% of our toxic waste is E-waste. Just because you can’t see the pollution happening doesn’t mean it isn’t.

How Many People Own Electronics And One Possible Reason Why They’re So Popular?

Electronics are popular, but are they too popular? According to Exploding Topics there are over 6.8 billion smartphones in the world. One possible reason why they are so popular is there is no limit to what age you can own an electronic device.

So… are Electronics Positive or Negative?

Overall electronics are negative. Why? Because they suck people into social media and possible fake news. This affects people because it stops them from going outside so they do not get their Vitamin D. They are negative for the environment because they produce lots of E-Waste. So many people have electronics that it an extreme amount of waste. Even though they are popular, they can still harm you in unimaginable ways.

These results show that electronics are extremely popular and here to stay. The future is in your hands, so if you want to change it, it’s up to you.

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