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Hitting Snooze On Your Alarm Clock Can Help You Learn


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Hitting Snooze On Your Alarm Clock Can Help You Learn

Hitting Snooze On Your Alarm Clock Can Help You Learn

When your alarm goes off in the morning, do you want to hit snooze but know you can’t? So you trudge out of bed, unwillingly, basically sleepwalking? Well, what if I told you that it’s actually better to press snooze and sleep in.

Why Is It Better To Snooze?

In October of this year, scientists decided to do research about the effects of hitting snooze. They first interviewed or surveyed people to find out about their sleep habits. Then they asked about 1,732 ADULTS about their habits in waking up. 69% of people said that they hit the snooze button to catch some more Z’s or set multiple alarms. That means that more than half of the test subjects chose to hit snooze. The people who hit the snooze button got around 22 minutes of sleep after their first alarm went off. That is 22 minutes of dreaming and recharging. But, the people who did hit snooze, were around 6 years younger than the people who did not hit snooze. Older adults have more time to snooze and sleep in than the adults who have to wake up at the crack of dawn. The younger people were four times more likely to go to bed at a much later time.

What Are The Benefits?

Well let’s think. What if you have a super important Math test the next day, but spend the entire night studying. Then you went to sleep at 11:32 p.m. and had an alarm set for 5:00 a.m., you wake up at 5:00 and calculate how much sleep you got. Then it dawns on you you got 6 hours of sleep. Now it may seem like the average amount of sleep, but 7-9 hours are recommended for sleep and health benefits. If you were to snooze your alarm, you’re most likely to do better on your Math Test than when you woke up at 5:00. So yes, even though it seems wrong, sleeping more will help you with your test.¬† Plus the way you learn. Your brain is going to take in the information and store properly and in a more healthy way. Plus, then you’re more likely to not have to study so much for your next test.

Feeling Drowsy and Groggy?

Most people are drowsy when woken up by an alarm. Mostly when these people are in a deep state of sleep. But, psychologist Tina Sundelin has recently made an observation. She says “The study shows that they may actually be more objectively alert after snoozing.” This just goes to show that when we snooze we can be more alert, emotionally and physically.

Schools Should Let Us Sleep

This is just my opinion but I think it may be a popular one. We go to school to learn, get educated and have somewhat a little fun. But can we really do all of this if we’re to focused on the sleep we don’t get. Plus the knowledge that teachers give us, will just linger around for awhile and then eventually leave because we’re too tired to process it properly. But going to bed earlier doesn’t seem like the best solution either. I have an after school thing everyday that lasts until 8:30 at night! That means that getting my full 7-9 hours of sleep is kind of impossible. But, if we bump up the time we get to school then we can be healthier and happier.

So Why Snooze Your Alarm?

Because even though it may seem terrible, snoozing will help yourself more than anyone else. Well, and maybe the people you take your lack of sleep out on.


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