Cliffhanger Contest: Max Caro

Max Caro

Cliffhanger story

By: Max Caro


Perry the Platypus got a call from Phineas that Dr Doofenshmirtz made a device that would make everyone love him and give their things to him. The problem for Dr. Doofenshmirtz is that  for Perry the platypus had other intentions. Right when the ray was powering up to shoot, Perry was swooping in from above. Perry landed on the main platform of  Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. Perry saw the giant Lazar beam, the machine was the size of 5 elephants. There was one problem though. There were nearly 20 robots that were programmed to destroy any opponent that would delay or stop the end intention of the project.

 The robots instantly detected Perry. They started to approach Perry. Perry, out of instinct, launched into action. He tore the head off one then did a kick sweed that tripped and destroyed 2 robots that were getting a bit too close for comfort. That left 17 hostile enemy robots left that Perry needed to destroy. On the side of the wall there was a countdown for the lazar beam. There was 1 minute 20 seconds left on the clock. Perry grabbed the arm of one of the destroyed robots and chucked it at a cluster of robots. He knocked down 5 robots. Only 1 minute left. 

Perry felt a rush of urgency. With this rush of adrenaline he knocked down robots faster he dodged the lasers that the robots shot at him. Perry was in his prime (Perry has and will always be in his prime btw). With 10 seconds left there was one robot. The issue with defeating this robot and stopping the laser beam is that the last bot was stronger, more powerful and bigger than any other robot that Perry had faced. With ten seconds left Perry needed a plan. He could either fight this last robot or find a way to maneuver around it. Perry chose option 2, but with a twist. Perry launched at the robot like he was going to attack it. The robot prepared for the blow. 

The one problem is that Perry blew past the robot. Except the robot had an arm that could extend up to 15 feet. Perry was flying past the robot. 8 seconds. Perry was 13 feet away. Then the bot extended his arm. Perry looked over his shoulder expecting for the robot to be dusted. Instead he saw an arm right in his tracks. The arm kept extending while Perry kept on running. Perry was 9 feet away with 5 seconds left. The arm was trailing Perry, gaining on him every second. With 2 seconds left Perry leaped into the air from about 4 feet away, sensing the arm right behind him. While Perry was flying through  the air he felt a cold metallic hand. He could only hope for the best.