Encanto- Making Headlines


Olivia Beaton and Alexi Dalamagas

New Encanto Movie Breaks Records

By Alexi Dalamagas and Olivia Beaton

Released on November 24, 2021, Encanto instantly started booming. Thanks to social media, such as TikTok and Instagram, the movie reached 125 million streams. The song, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”, has reached just over 101 million streams on Spotify alone! Stick around and watch the extraordinary movie about Mirabel Madrigal on an adventure to reunite her family, and join her as she realizes her worth, even without a gift. 

The plot of Encanto (Spoilers Ahead)

The movie Encanto is about a girl named Mirabel Madrigal, who is born in a magical family, where everyone has a gift. Her siblings, cousins, aunts, and grandparents all have a special gift unique to themselves. Yet, when Mirabel comes of age to receive her gift, she doesn’t get one. Mirabel does her best to be positive and helpful to her family, even though she has the disadvantage of not having a gift. The story is fantasy, and family-oriented.

Why This Movie Is So Popular

Encanto has taken the world by storm since it was first released. In fact, the Encanto soundtrack was dubbed into more than 40 different languages, allowing more people across the world to listen to the favored songs. Encanto is also admired for the Latin and Colombian culture expressed throughout the story. One of the well-written songs in the Encanto Soundtrack, known as “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” has a clever play on changing character perspectives whilst singing the song and telling the story.


Fun Facts You Never Knew About Encanto 

You might have known that Encanto was popular. You might have seen the headlines. But do you know the mind-blowing facts and records that Encanto has set? 

Encanto, while it is a brilliant movie, took a fairly long time to make. Encanto took about 5 years to establish! Not only that but the movie is partially based on a true story and is inspired by many people. For instance, one of the most popular songs in the Encanto soundtrack, “Surface Pressure” written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, was inspired by the writers’ older sister. Following this, Encanto is a very well-made movie. Many famous voices are featured in this movie, and the film has been nominated for Golden Globes. Additionally, it has won Best Animated Film, along with many other awards! A song you may know from the film known as “The Family Madrigal” has an extremely fast, and challenging verse making it, one of the hardest songs a character has had to sing in the Disney Industry. Lastly, the main character in the movie, Mirabel, wears glasses because the word “Mira” in her name means “look” in Spanish.