Show Review: The Book of Boba Fett


Jasper Hultgren, Head Writer

The Book of Boba Fett is the second live-action Star Wars show on Disney+. Everybody thought it was going to be amazing because of how good the Mandolorian was. But when it was first released most people thought that it was no good. One of the reasons for this was actually because of the Mandolorian. The Mandolorian was absolutely amazing and because of that people wanted the same amount of awesomeness as the Mandolorian for Boba Fett.

When I first started to watch Boba Fett the first episode got me really hooked but soon after the second episode, the show lost me a little bit because they were really making Boba Fett do everything perfectly and making him like an “invincible” warrior. But soon after I got invested again because I saw some stuff that really connected to the main Star Wars storyline. I would say that you should watch The Book of Boba Fett only if you’re really invested in the Star Wars storyline, If not I feel like it is not worth your time to watch and you should watch some other show that looks interesting.

Did you know that in 2018, Lucas films were in the works of a Boba Fett movie! When people found out in 2018 that we were going to get a new movie about Boba Fett they freaked out. They said it was to be written and directed by James Mangold. It was revealed a couple of weeks before SOLO. But after Disney saw how bad SOLO did they shut down the Boba Fett one too. After the end of the Boba Fett movie, Disney and Lucas films diverted their attention to the main stew of Star Wars movies and the Mandolorian.

Spoilers Ahead!

In the first episode, we saw Boba Fett as the new Jabba the Hut after he killed Bib Fortuna and Boba Fett goes into a Bacta tank every once in a while we assume to treat the wounds he obtained throughout his bounty hunter adventures. In the Bacta tank, he reflects on his memories after he escaped the Sarlacc pit. We also saw him escape the Sarlacc pit. The second episode really dove into Boba Fett now and what he was doing. The third episode finished his backstories of the Tusken Raiders and why he is having these flashbacks also it showed that Boba Fett is not the only one who has a claim over Jabba’s territory. By the fourth episode, we saw how Fennec and Boba met and who Fennec really was. Throughout the episode we saw Boba Fett and Fennec take his ship, Slave I, back. We also saw them kill the biker group that Boba Fett thought slaughtered the Tusken raiders that took him in and then tried to find his armor in the Sarlacc pit. Next was the fifth episode it just seemed more like a Mandolorian episode than a Boba Fett episode. We saw how the Mandolorian isn’t even a Mandolorian anymore because he took off his helmet. We saw how the Mandolorian was getting a new ship. The 6th episode showed us Grogu again (MY FAVORITE!) and how the Mandolorian needs to let go of his bond. We also saw the corporal from the Mandolorian, but he ended up getting shot by Cad Bane when the Mandolorian tried to get the people of Freetown to fight with him against the Pykes and we saw the sanctuary in Mos Espa get bombed. Now it is the season finale and the moment we’ve all been waiting for! In the first part, we saw how Boba Fett was unable to compromise with the Pykes, and then the war started. Boba Fett’s “generals” (The people he talked to about staying neutral in the war) betrayed him for the Pykes. Boba Fett, Krrstantan, and the Mods were ambushed by the locals. Boba Fett and the Mandolorian fought off against tons of Pykes outside of the sanctuary. Boba Fett and Mandolorian were about to lose when the people of Freetown and the Mods came to the rescue, and later Krrstantan came too. Then the Pykes came with their giant “droidreka” type thing. It looked like they were losing when Boba Fett left, then Grogu came (This means he chose the armor and not lightsaber!) along with the person who helped the Mandolorian get his new ship. Then when it looked like the Mandolorian was going to die, Grogu saved him with the force but then Boba Fett came with the rancor. They defeated the first droid and then defeated the second one. Cad Bane showed up and nearly killed Boba Fett but Boba Fett bested him, but not before Cad Bane made the rancor go crazy. Grogu ended up calming down the rancor along with us seeing Fennec kill the mayor, the leader of the Pykes, and Boba Fett’s “generals”. If you watched the end credits in the final episode you saw that Boba Fett was going to bring the corporal back to life as he did with Fennec.

In conclusion, watch the Book of Boba Fett only if you’re invested in the Star Wars storyline and if not I would not watch it. When I was talking to my friend about Boba Fett he said that the character had potential but Disney didn’t do it correctly. Overall, I really enjoyed watching the show, so check it out!