Cliffhanger Contest: Ella Yeater

Ella Yeater

Author: Ella Yeater


BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. 8:30 already?!?! I jump out of bed and feel the bright light of the sun on my face. But this time when I looked into the sun it didn’t hurt my eyes like it usually does. That made me think for a little, but I had no time to think. I dart down the stairs even though I know I’m going to be late. “Good morning mom,” I say I couldn’t see her face but then she turned around and tears were falling down her face as she read the newspaper. I see the head line
7TH CHILD GONE IN THE PASSED 7 WEEKS! I was shocked, another one wow. Mom wouldn’t stop crying so I just left and jumped on my bike and rode as fast as I possibly could. I ran into the classroom waiting to hear my teacher yell at me, but nothing. Not even a single kid looked back at me. What a weird day I thought to myself. I took a seat and glanced over and saw a girl. I saw Molly in the corner, but she disappeared maybe 2 weeks ago. She stood up and walked to me with a newspaper in her hand, I read but then…