Cliffhanger Contest: Josue Santamaria

Josue Santamaria

Josue Santamaria


    The Nerve 


Chapter 1

The year is 2022, the streets are booming trying to get the best game of the year, Nerve. Nerve is for vr/virtual reality, but the problem is there are only 10,000 copies of the game so it will be hard to get. But luckily for Sofi and Anna, 16 year old gamers, it is as easy as taking candy from a baby. The game is digital so all they had to do was buy the game and put the code in for the game and they have it. They know that people will do anything to get that game. Sofi and Anna just built a software that will buy the game and all they have to do is put their info in. That’s what they did and now they have the game on the VR headset.


Chapter 2

The day has come and the game was released! As soon as the game popped up on the Gamestop website, the software did its job. Now they put the code in and then turned on their headsets. Sofi says, “connect…Boom, OMG, it works! Oh wait, I need to find Anna!” “But wow this game is so realistic I am going to go to the main village. Maybe I will find her there. Wow the village is huge so maybe I will just send her a party invite. Okay Anna where are you?” Anna replies, “I am in the village, the big one. By the way, where are you?” “I am at the big village too so go to the restaurant named Robos and then let’s go and explore the map.” Two hours later, the girls are tired.  “Okay Anna lets go to bed. We have school tomorrow.” “Okay goodnight Sofi.” 


Chapter 3

As Sofi went to take off her headset, she realized it was stuck. She struggled to try and get it off but it wouldn’t budge. Then she heard a voice in the headset, “Sofi are you still there? I cannot get the headset off of me.”  “ Me neither! it’s stuck!” With that the screen lit up with the words, “Nerve.” “Oh wait! I forgot! We can’t move our real bodies  because Nerve cancels all our movements in real time!” All of a sudden the screen explodes.  Sofi screamed at the sound of the explosion.  “Wait, why are we in the main lobby again?  Wait, was this a force teleport? The only one that can do that is the Error Error.  it shows up on everybody’s screens.” Roaring and rumbling in the distance then a health bar appears above the players heads.

“Hello, players of Nerve. I am the creator of this beautiful game. I see that you can’t log out.  I assure you that this is not a bug. I have sent you all a gift in your inventory so take a look.” Sofi gasped, “A mirror? Why do I look like myself? In the beginning of the game it told me to touch my hands and legs and face but how does the game know my exact weight? But that doesn’t matter. What does is my level and my survival and Anna.” The creator announced, “People don’t be scared. The goal of the game is to beat the game and to do that you must beat the floor 100 boss.  If you die in the game you die in real life so be careful. I shall let you explore the map.  Now go!”  Sofi, Anna and all players hear a loud boom signaling that the game has begun . “Where do Anna and I get items and money and level training oh how about the villages?” Sofi asked. “Okay Anna you have to stay with me okay.” “K Sofi but man I thought that this was an ordinary game but now I see what this game really is.” “Yeah, same here.  We have to go quickly or else everybody will get the loot before us.” Boom! Crash! All of a sudden a character in the game yells, “Ahh please help me I don’t wanna die! Please! help!” Sofi and Anna are fighting the first level boss and things get even worse from here.  The beta testers found the dungeon.  They know that the boss can change its attack form and they passed books with a lot of info about the boss but it wasn’t enough. “Anna, we have to switch or I will die! Please Anna hurry up!” Sofi yelled. Anna was screaming, “But you have healing crystals and I don’t so just use one of those because I don’t have any.” “Yeah but I don’t have any more.” Anna yells, “Switch!” and boom they switch places and then they hear, “Ahh please help me I don’t wanna die! Please! Help!”. Sofi yelled to Anna, “I need to go help the captain.” “Okay but you call me if you need help.” “Captain, are you okay? Let me help you out,” Sofi said. 


Chapter 4 

  Whoosh! A sword hit a player quickly. Sofi dodged it but the captain was not so lucky. Who was going to lead them now? “No captain! Sofi cries.” “Sofi right now is not the time to cry. The boss is really low on hp and will die any second now and we can get the loot if we hurry, so come on.” “How can you say that the captain is dead? Who will lead us now.” Even though Anna and Sofi defeated the boss, most of the players were devastated from the losses inside of the first boss’s chamber.  However, there was still some hope. There were new villages, higher level mobs to get more exp, and more powerful loot to help take out the next level boss.” “Sofi, what level are you so I can choose what level training we can do.” “oh level 40 I guess.” “Okay what are you insane? level 40 that is too high? Wait what level are you because I am level 30.” “Level 45 why I thought you went late night training too because I heard you get up at night.” Boom a crash was heard in the attic than another crash. “Oh no, what was that Sofi?” “Okay hear me out so we always run out of healing items so I got a pet that heals us” Sofi said. “Sofi, I can’t deal with you anymore. I am moving and I also got an offer from a clan. The red dragons and you are just annoying.” “Wait, please stay in touch, I can take it out. Please just stay,” Sofi cried.  Anna replied, “No, goodbye Sofi, see you in the real world if you survive.” “A few months go by and Sofi is doing good, after Anna moved out Sofi realized that even though this is a game she can’t treat it like one and so she trained and worked hard and so she was at level 85! One of the highest leveled players in the game and soon she got invited to the red dragons. Also since she was there why not check on Anna and she did but Anna was not doing so well she was