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The Geico 500


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The Geico 500

What is the Geico 500? Read this article to learn more about this NASCAR race and why it’s a thrilling race to watch!
The Geico 500

A Brief History 

The Geico 500 is a race car race that not many people have heard of. It is a NASCAR race that is normally at the Talledaga Speedway in Alabama, in April or May. The Geico 500 is an exciting race held by NASCAR so if you would like to watch this race I suggest familiarizing yourself with other NASCAR races first, but if you don’t want to watch lots of other NASCAR races you can watch the last Geico 500 to get a sense of what the experience might be like. I highly suggest watching this race no matter how into cars/race car driving you are.

A Deeper Dive

At the start of the race, there is a tradition of driving a truck down the race track with the American Flag flying from the back of the truck. Once the race starts it may not be the most interesting, but I suggest still not turning your device off of the race because as the laps go on it should get more and more interesting. The three car brands that raced this year were Chevrolet, Ford, and Toyota. Even though it is a pretty basic track, car collisions and tense moments keep it interesting throughout the race. Some of the crashes are deadly, but others may only give a minor, major, or hopefully no impact at all! You can also come to see the race in person if you would like (But coming in person is not needed for an enjoyable experience). But just keep in mind that even watching the race behind the fence is still dangerous so you should always keep your eyes peeled.

One of the crashes in the race eliminated more than half of the Toyota race cars! This was a lucky break for Ford though Ford has not had one win this season!

The End

The end of the race was extremely exciting. There was a huge crash but luckily everyone was okay. What happened was Michael McDowell (driving a Ford, number 34) was pushed by Brad Keselowski (driving a Ford, number 6) which is allowed, then Keselowski moved up the track and McDowell blocked him. Keselowski then drove back down to go forward and pass. Still, McDowell came back and tried to block, in which Keselowski bumped McDowell sending McDowell out of control eliminating almost all of the racers. Meanwhile, Tyler Reddick (driving a Toyota, number 46) is shooting farther ahead, past Keselowski who is still in the race, and across the finish line where he wins the Geico 500! This was not good for Ford’s want to win because the winning car was one of the few remaining Toyotas!



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