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Coleytown Company's Production of "Footloose: The Musical" is a Hit!


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Coleytown Company’s Production of “Footloose: The Musical” is a Hit!


Starting on Friday, April 5th, until Sunday, April 8th, Coleytown Company presented this year’s performance: “Footloose: The Musical.” The play, directed by Mr. Frimmer was a hit. Footloose starred Ren (Lucas Soares Van Keulen) and Ariel (Ella Grove).

Background Information

“Footloose: The Musical” takes place in Boemont, Texas, and is about a kid who moves there, and loves to dance. Little does he know, dancing was outlawed in the town after a couple of kids drove off of a bridge after dancing and drinking. Dancing was then outlawed by the Reverend, but when Ren, who loves to dance, (the main character) moves to the new town, he starts dating the reverend’s daughter. This causes major family issues between the daughter and the Reverend.

Reactions and Praise

The Friday show was sold out, and so was the Sunday matinee. Some of the people in the play started rehearsing as early as December, and the tech crew started practicing in January. Overall, the show was highly regarded, and everyone who watched or participated in it seemed to really enjoy the experience.

One teacher said, “The students did a really great job portraying their characters. There were lots of sixth graders in major parts, and it was amazing to see how well they did. My favorite part was the end, because of all the fun outfits.” Another teacher said, “Many of the eighth grade performers have been in the production since their sixth grade year, and have showed great commitment to the arts.” Many other students agreed that all students involved in the production did an amazing job.




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