Are Air Jordans Worth the Purchase?


Sneaker Jordan1 Shooting Jordan Nike Sneakers

Elena Nasar, Avery Kalter

“Are Air Jordan 1 Mids really worth it?”

This is a common question that many teenagers ask themselves before hitting the purchase button on these popular sneakers. Air Jordan 1’s are athletic but comfortable lifestyle shoes that were first released on November 17, 1984. Ever since, they have been all the rage, known for their stylish looks and vibrant colors. However, sometimes we overlook the expensive prices that they come at. When deciding whether or not they are worth the investment, it is important to look at both sides of the debate. 


Yes, Air Jordan 1’s are worth it:

From their bold looks to their flawless leather, they are worth the price. The various styles they come in are like no other sneakers you’ve seen, and the collaborations they do with famous brands are unbeatable. Not only are they stylish, but they are also great quality. They look stunning both box-fresh and worn in. Not to mention, they are comfortable and provide support unlike any other product. While they may be pricey, they are completely worth it and something you can’t miss out on. 


No, Air Jordan 1’s are not worth it:

No, they are not worth it. Air Jordan 1’s are quite overrated because they are not very different from any other shoe brand. They may provide comfort and style, but so do other brands such as Adidas, Reebok, and Converse, which all come at much cheaper prices in the same designs. Some people would argue that they are classics, but the truth is that they don’t make them how they used to be. The leather creases way too easily, and they are a lot less durable, unlike the original Jordans that were made back in the 1980s. Despite not being durable enough, they are also not fit for any weather scenario, which means that they can easily be ruined during snow or rain. The only reason that they are bought so often is because it has become a popularity contest among kids, who think that owning Air Jordan 1’s will give them a higher status. Not only are they overpriced, but they are also not the same quality that people credit them as, which makes them not worth the purchase.