Should Kids Have Homework?

Should Kids Have Homework?

Sarah Lyle, Staff Writer, Cheif Book Reviewer and Editor

Should kids have homework? This is a longstanding debate. Is it really worth your time, or does it improve your skills? Continue reading to find out.


Yes, homework is good for you. 

Homework has been around for a long time, and it helps kids learn. Especially in subjects like math, repetition is key. Right now, kids number one focus should be school, and homework helps them remember that. Homework also can help students understand the subject that they are studying in depth. And, we have to study after school anyway, so why not get some homework done too?


No, students do enough work in school. 

Normally, the rule of thumb about homework time is that it should be 10 minutes per grade level. That means that a first grader would be getting 10 minutes per day, and a senior would be working for 2 hours a night. But some recent studies showed that some kids were getting 2-3 times their homework load. Homework is taking up more time than it should.  Students should have time for extra-curricular activities and time with their family. On top of that, students are spending 7 hours at school, 5 times a week. Isn’t that enough?


My Opinion:

Students go to school and get homework, but would that be necessary if the school day was planned better? We should have a free period every day to get ahead on work. Some people might argue that Extra Help in the mornings does that, but I know plenty of people who can’t make it to school in time to do that. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have homework, but we should have time to do it. If we had a free period every day, it would encourage students to do their work on time, and manage their time better. Planning your time is a skill that we need in life, and when is a better time to learn it then right now?


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