Movie Review for Sing 2


Ella Turner

Buster Moon, Meena the elephant, Gunter the pig… any of these seem familiar to you? That’s because they are part of the famous movie, Sing. Sing was a huge hit, and many raved about it. If you watched that movie, I have good news for you. A sequel has come out! If you like comedy, musicals, and fun family movies then I’d listen closely. So go on, get comfy, grab some popcorn, and turn on the T.V., because Sing 2 will be waiting for you!

What is Sing 2 about you ask? Sing 2 is all about Buster Moon, the main character in Sing, trying to get his show public by trying out for a spot in one of the most famous hotels in Redshore City (which is equivalent to Las Vegas). But Buster Moon, being Buster Moon, got himself tangled into a fake story, and ends up needing to get Clay Calloway (a famous singer)  into the sci-fi play that he is producing. To top it off, if he messes up… we don’t want to go there!

You’re probably wondering how the audience rates this movie. Well, be prepared to be wowed, because Sing 2 got an audience rating of 4.8 out of 5 on google!

This movie is amazing for a family movie night. Many songs in the film are from the famous band U2! That will surely get a smile from your parents!

You can find this movie on Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, Microsoft Movies, and YouTube.

Have fun singing along to the famous songs, laughing at the hilarious moments, but most importantly remember that- as Gunter likes to say- your T.V. “is about to blow up with major piggy power!”