Cliffhanger Contest: Dani Hill

Dani Hill

Daniella Hill

As Jordan slumps in her bed, she sighs and closes her eyes. All of a sudden, she feels a vibration from under her leg. She pulls out her phone and sees multiple missed calls along with a message from her friend Skyler. The text reads “Come over now!! OMG! Look at the news! This is not good!” Jordan sits up in her bed and grabs her jacket. She dashes out to her bike and starts pedaling as fast as she can. Her thoughts swarm her head, worry rushing at what feels like a hundred miles per hour. What if my dad got hurt! He is my only family left! What if something happened to my friends! As Jordan pulls up to Skyler’s house, she sees Skyler waiting on the front porch. Worry fills her face as she sees Skylers facial expression. The two girls walk into the house and the faint noise of the news fills Jordans ears. As they walk toward the family room, Jordan hears the words “robbery at the local bank” and starts sprinting towards the tv. My dad works at the local bank! This can’t be good! Jordan sits down on the couch in front of the tv and a picture of the workers at the bank appears. She spots her dad in the the middle of the picture and text pops up beneath it. It says “All workers killed when robbery happened. No survivors” Jordan crumples onto the ground and starts weeping. Skyler silently walks into the room and hugs Jordan. A tear falls from Skylers eye as she whispers a quiet “I’m sorry.” Jordan sat on the floor and cried for about 20 minutes until Skyler’s mom came in with a mug of tea and started comforting her. After Jordan, Skyler, and Skyler’s mom talked for a bit, they decided that Jordan would live with them until they figured out a good solution. When Jordan went to sleep that night, she kept thinking of her dad, and would have on and off sobs. The next morning, she had dark circles under her eyes, and Jordan could tell that Skyler and her mom were concerned, but they didn’t ask because they new they would make the situation worse. Once Skyler and Jordan arrived at school, people walked up to Jordan and said that they were very sorry for her lose, and that they knew that she was having a rough time already because her mom had passed away when she was young and that they were struggling financially. As the day drags on, more and more people apologize to Jordan and it starts getting repetitive. Finally, the last bell rings and Jordan walks out of the front door. She turns her head and see’s Skyler waiting for her with a little present. “I know you have probably gotten a lot of comments from people already today, but I thought it would be nice to get you a present.” Jordan half smiled and took the present. The two of them started walking on their normal path back to their houses, but instead of Jordan going home, she went back to Skyler’s house. As they got farther away, the two girls realized they were being followed. They eyed each other and started speed walking so that maybe the guy behind them would go away. When they reached the turn into Skyler’s neighborhood, the guy that was following them tapped Jordan’s shoulder. She whipped her head around and grabbed Skyler’s shoulder, hoping that she could hide behind her. Jordan instantly recognized the person as being the robber who killed her father. The person was wearing all black and looked Jordan dead in the eyes like the person knew her. “Hello,” the person said in a faint whisper, “its been a long time, don’t you think?” “Who are you!” Jordan yelled in the persons face. The person suddenly grabbed Jordan and Skyler so they couldn’t escape and slowly started taking their mask off until their face was fully revealed. Jordan gasped.