More Google Easter Eggs


Jasper Hultgren

Google has made a lot of Easter Eggs. And I mean a lot, they’re constantly adding more. To find what these are and find some more iconic ones go to this article: Google Easter Eggs. There have been a lot more added since this article was published so I thought I might as well add some more. Just so you know, the search has to fully load for the Easter egg to play and happen so be patient to see these amazing features.

One of these is a blink command that happens when you search <blink> or blink tag. If any of the search result descriptions have the word blink in them. The words would disappear and reappear, giving the illusion of blinking. This is very cool and only works if you type in these certain commands.

Another cool one is the DVD screensaver Easter egg. If you type in DVD screensaver into the google search engine, the google logo in the top left will bounce around like the screensaver. Also whenever you swap tabs and swap back. The logo will always be in position to hit the corner of the screen!

Googly eyes are silly and fun. And Google made it into an Easter egg! If you search Googly Eyes in the top right corner, where the google logo is, 2 googly eyes will fall and place on top of the two O’s in the word. The eyes will constantly look at your cursor position too!

Do you know the digits of pi? Well, I don’t but I guess google made a game of it. If you search for pi a calculator will show up with the digit pi on it. Near the top left of the calculator, the pi symbol will be boded and sparkling. If you click on this, it will open up a game that’s like those memory games where you have to click a series of colors, but you have to memorize all the digits of pi. Disclaimer: Pie not included.

Want to see something weird? Well search up drop bear and it will show a tab on the right-hand side of the screen talking about what this creature is. There is what looks to be a road sign with a koala on it. If you click it, a koala shadow will fall down all of the search results and fall down at the bottom, eucalyptus leaves will fly up from the bottom of the screen as the “bear” crashes.

Mushrooms are cool and round. Be warned, this Easter egg involves a lot of disgusting images. If you search up Cordyceps  a mushroom will appear on the bottom of the screen which when clicked multiplies mushrooms onto the screen. This mushroom does this in real life and google wants to recreate this amazing phenomenon.

Meteorites are floating rocks from space. If you search up meteorite or Chicxulub a meteor will appear at the top right screen and collide into your computer! After this the whole screen will shake and the Easter eggs is over. Chicxulub is a famous meteor crater which is why it triggers this Easter egg.

Puppies are cute! And google knows too! If you search up puppy or puppies a paw print icon will show up in the same place where the drop bear one was. If you click it  you will activate it where, wherever you click a paw print will show up. How cute!