Netflix’s New Hit Show: Wednesday


They’re spooky and they’re scary, everyone knows the Addams Family! On November 23, 2022, we were granted a chance to dive deeper into the mysterious story of Wednesday Addams, in the new hit Netflix series Wednesday. Frankenstein hands, creepy monsters, deathly mysteries… well you get the gist. After all, we are talking about Wednesday here!

In this hit series, Wednesday Addams, (Jenna Ortega) has been expelled from 8 schools and is now attending Nevermore, a school for outcasts, freaks, and monsters. There has been a monster roaming in the woods, attacking everyone it encounters, and leaving deadly results. At first, Wednesday is not interested in friends or school in general. As the episodes progress, the monster’s moves become darker and deadlier, and Wednesday realizes she might be connected to this school in ways she never thought were possible.

This new series stole everyone’s attention with its spooky and twisted plot that kept people on the edge of their seats until the very end. Regardless of it being new, Wednesday already has the internet raving and making trends out of it, such as, “the Wednesday dance”. This popular dance was choreographed by Jenna Ortega herself in only a couple of days. Overall, this show earned a 71% on the Average Tomatometer 

and an 86% average audience score, according to Rotten Tomatoes. Now that’s a pretty good rating!

 Things like interesting, extremely out-of-the-blue plot twists, amazing character development, and the hilarious trends it sets keep Wednesday interesting. Wednesday is for sure loved all around the globe.

Wednesday is adored, and many people, including us, would highly recommend it. Wednesday’s dark and gloomy personality would usually make people dislike her but, it’s clear to see that everyone who watched this series has a piece of their heart reserved for Wednesday.