How to Build a PC


Tyler Symonette, Writer


So, you’re looking to build your first PC. This article will show you how to build a pc and how to set it up. Let’s talk about the building part of it first. During a build make sure you have all of the parts needed (RAM, CPU, CPU COOLER, GPU, MOTHERBOARD, POWER SUPPLY/PSU CABLES, SSD). Once you have all of these parts you’re good to start the build. Make sure not to work on a carpet due to static shocks that could kill the parts. First, you will prepare the motherboard. When preparing the motherboard you need most of the parts. You will need the RAM, CPU, CPU COOLER, SSD, and Motherboard. Take out the motherboard on a wood surface preferably. The second step is to put the RAM into your Motherboard and check the dual channel slots. Put the clips down and carefully insert the RAM. Once it is down the clips will go back up automatically.

The next step is the CPU and if you have a motherboard designed for intel CPUs you have to get a different motherboard. The CPU can only go in one way so don’t push it should just sink into the socket. You will see there is a piece of plastic on top of the socket. It is supposed to be there until the socket cover comes down. Once it is down the piece of plastic will pop up and you can grab it out of the socket. Take your thermal compound and apply a small amount on top of the CPU in the middle, put on the CPU Cooler screw in the 4 screws on the corners and this will distribute the thermal compound across the CPU. Now you can plug in the CPU Cooler. After it is plugged in you can move on to the most important component, the power supply. If you are going test bench style it means no case. Plug all the connectors in and put them in their designated holes. Now you can put your storage if you are going SSD there should be a slot to put it in. Put it in and screw it down. Now you can move on to the GPU: find the designated slot push the clip down and push it in until the clip goes back up. Then, put the screws in. They will always be on the left-hand side. Once they are in put everything in the case and plug in all the power supply cables they will always be labeled plugin POWER SW to JFP1 (optional plug-in HD.LED to JFP1). Now you have a PC. ENJOY!

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