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Taylor Swift The Eras Tour


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Taylor Swift The Eras Tour

Taylor Swift The Eras Tour
Ronald S Woan

After Taylor Swift’s tenth studio album Midnights, she announced to her overjoyed fans that she would be traveling around the world with her Eras Tour concert. Although fans were high with anticipation to see their beloved musician, scams, glitches, and problems with Ticketmaster left many ticketless. While some were able to enjoy the Eras Tour, many more fans had to sit in the dark, hoping a spare ticket would find its way to them. Then on August 31st, Taylor Swift announced something that would turn the course of movie history in 2023, and leave fans ticketless no more. She announced Taylor Swift The Eras Tour.

On October 11, Taylor Swift The Eras Tour movie premiered at The Grove, where famous stars such as Beyoncé attended. Then, it was released to theaters all over America on October 13th. The Eras Tour made $96 million on its first weekend. It surpasses what was thought to be two of the biggest movies of 2023, Barbie and Oppenheimer, commonly known together as Barbenheimer Weekend. The movie theater chain AMC says, “’It took less than 24 hours for the Taylor Swift The Eras Tour concert film to shatter AMC’s US record for the highest ticket-sales revenue during a single day in AMC’s 103-year history.'” This shows the incredible impact Taylor Swift has had on the public. AMC is a well known theater and for this movie to shatter box office records for the company is truly remarkable. So many employees in the box office business were thoroughly shocked. One quote cites: “‘I thought I had seen everything with the Barbenheimer phenomenon,’ said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at Comscore, which tracks box office numbers. But ‘this Taylor Swift movie seemingly came out of nowhere … and here it is now in theaters, generating blockbuster-movie style opening weekend numbers.’”

Not only did this movie blow up box office sales, but it blew up the excitement of the Eras Tour for all Taylor Swift fans, commonly known as Swifties. Now the fans who were not able to make the Eras Tour could still see their star on stage and get to experience the magic that they missed live. Many Swifties have upped this movie to the next level by dressing up in costumes and wearing/trading handmade friendship bracelets. Many also drew a 13 on their hand, a common symbol for fans going to one of Swift’s concerts. Not only has Swift created a genius business move for herself, but she has captured the hearts of fans all over the globe, who love the magic, beauty, and camaraderie of her concerts.

Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Movie was a sight to behold. This movie showed the entirety of the tour, minus a few songs. With dazzling close ups of the beloved singer and the incredible sets, costumes, and more, the movie had fans mesmerized. The music also had a great impact on the viewers. In most theaters, you could see fans out of their seats and dancing/singing along with their friends, families, and fellow Swifties! This three hour long performance left fans with a sense of happiness and satisfaction long after it ended.

Taylor Swift continues to conquer the globe with her creative ideas and smart business. She has continued to push through the ups and down of her career, and has gathered a fanbase of millions upon millions. Whether you love her or you hate her, you have to admire Swift’s ability to conquer the music industry. We can only wait on the edge of our movie seats to see what comes next.


Early December Swift announced that she would be creating an extended version of the movie to watch at home. You can now view this movie from your home T.V. for $19.89.

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