Cliffhanger Contest: Phoebe Boxenbaum

Phoebe Boxenbaum

Author: Phoebe Boxenbaum

One day…

I opened the front door and walked into the house. My mom wasn’t home from work yet. somehow I made it to  my room and basically collapsed onto my bed. I was exhausted from school. I took a couple deep breaths and then forced myself to get up and walk over to my desk. I pulled out my chromebook and binder. I heard the front door open. Shoes  clicked on the wooden floor. As I raced downstairs. My mom was shaking off her coat and shoes. I went to hug her.

“Can you please make dinner soon? I’m starving.” I asked inching  back to the stairs  .

My mom smiled.

“Sure. I will make some dinner”

Happy with the response, I went back up to my room.

After around 10 minutes there was a knock on my door. 

When I said “come in ”I saw my mom and she said “dinners ready downstairs”.But before I could get up, I got a text from ‘’Mom” saying “Be home in 15”.  Mortified and my hands shaking, I ask myself “if she isn’t here then who’s downstairs making dinner…”