Cliffhanger Contest: Piper Salik

Piper Salik

Piper Salik


Do you ever get curious? Like really really curious? So curious that you can’t stop yourself from doing whatever it is you’re so curious about? I know it sounds weird but, I had an experience recently that made me really curious. What was it, you ask? I wouldn’t leave you on a cliffhanger (Wink wink). It started on my birthday,  December 13th 2022, I lived in Westport, CT. My mom wakes me up, annoyed as always, I sigh. I get up and skip breakfast,

“But, don’t you want t-”.

“Bye mom!” I yell as I go to the bus. Quite finally. I think to myself. 

The bus slows down as we reach the school. School was fine, nothing special happened at first. I thought it might because it was my birthday, but it was like a regular day, until something pretty weird happened.

It was about 1:56pm and I was in history. In history there was this strange door that sat in the back of the room. It was a wooden door, and it was out of place, it looked like something that would be used in a horror movie.  I wasn’t listening to what the history teacher was saying, I had my mind set on that door. I don’t know why, I just had a weird feeling about it. It really just was a tall, old, coarse door. It was weird because it’s always there but, today it stood out, like it was calling my name telling me to come closer. School was getting out early today, so my plan was to see what was behind that door. 

The bell rings and everyone else leaves. The teacher leaves me to pack up, but instead I go through the door. 

Every step I take I feel more drawn to it, I walk slowly but fast, I was nervous, what if I just turn the knob ever so slowly?