Women In Stem- Anne Marie Imafidon

Women In Stem- Anne Marie Imafidon

Malena Tortorella, Staff Writer

Who is Dr. Anne Marie Imafidon? Anne Marie Imafidon was born on June 24, 1990, in Barking, London. She is the youngest female ever to complete A-level computing (at 11 years old). In addition, she also passed two GCSEs in primary school. These accomplishments earned her the title of a child prodigy.

Anne Marie got her education at Johns Hopkins University and her master’s at Oxford University. She is one of the youngest people to receive a Computer Science Masters Degree, at only 20 years old. She is now the CEO and founder of Stemettes, a social enterprise that encourages women to get involved and pursue careers in science, tech, engineering, and math (STEM). Since the start of Stemettes in 2013, thousands of girls have been helped to find their true STEM potential.

Anne Marie first got her inspiration for Stemettes from attending the ¬†Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing in 2012. She started thinking about her own journey in STEM, and after going to a “Spotlight on STEM” workshop, Anne Marie realized that tons of women are not as represented in the STEM field as men. She felt motivated to start a program to help girls and young women like her feel more comfortable having an interest in STEM.

Anne Marie Imafidon is also the author of She’s in CTRL,¬†a book about her experiences in STEM, and the stories of other innovators who have transformed technology. The book explains that the world needs more women in tech careers, and explains how each of us can play a part in this goal.