Random Facts For Fun! – Top 42

CC Herbert, and Ellie Arber, Author

Here are 42 fun facts that will blow your mind:

Cat urine glows under a black light.

Sudan has more pyramids than any other country in the world (even Egypt).

The entire circulatory system is over 60,000 miles long. 

German chocolate cake was invented in Texas. 

Your nose gets warmer when you lie.

It’s impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.

If you sneeze too hard, it’s possible to fracture a rib. 

A one-way trip on the Trans-Siberian railroad crosses 3,901 bridges. 

There is enough gold inside the Earth to cover the planet. 

It is physically impossible for pigs to look at the sky.

When put in water, lemons float and limes sink.

McDonald’s once made bubblegum-flavored broccoli.      

Baby elephants suck their trunks- like humans suck their thumbs- for comfort.

The first oranges (the fruit) weren’t orange, so now you know that the color orange was named after the fruit. 

A cow-bison hybrid is called a beefalo- you can buy its meat in 21 different states!

Armadillo shells are bulletproof. 

Peanuts aren’t nuts- they are legumes. 

Apples are ¼ air.

Sloths are excellent swimmers.

Earth is not a perfect sphere! Because of the bulge at the equator, it appears as a squished ball

A pet hamster can run up to 6 miles a night on a wheel.

Cats can’t taste anything that is sweet.

Kleenex tissues were originally intended to be gas masks. 

Blue whales ingest half a million calories in one mouthful.

Turkeys can blush.

The man with the world’s deepest voice can say sounds that humans can’t hear.

The American flag we know today was designed by a high school student.

Only a quarter of the Sahara Desert is covered in sand. 

There actually aren’t “57 varieties” of Heinz ketchup, and never were. Company founder H.J. Heinz thought his product should have a number, and he liked 57. Hint: Hit the glass bottle on the “57,” not the bottom, to get the ketchup to flow.

Bats are the only mammals that can fly.

Dogs sniff nice smells with their left nostril. 

The word “fizzle” started as a type of fart- in the 1400’s it meant “to break wind quietly”.

The # sign isn’t technically called a hashtag or a pound- it’s called an octothorpe.

 Platypi don’t have stomachs!!

Both Miss Piggy and Yoda are voiced by the puppeteer Frank Oz!

Europeans used to be scared of eating tomatoes when they were introduced. 

In the olden days, movie trailers used to play after the movie.

The inventor of the microwave only got $2 for his invention. 

The Eiffel Tower can grow around six inches during the summer- the heat makes the metal expand. 

Jam is made with mashed-up fruit while jelly is fruit juice! That’s the difference.