Lunar New Year 2023- Year of the Rabbit!

Lunar New Year 2023- Year of the Rabbit!

Samantha Frank, Staff Writer

The first day of the Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year, started January 22nd with 1.6 billion people celebrating it worldwide. The fun-filled festivities are a two-week celebration that ends on February 5th. It has so many traditions that families follow. The night before, there is a “Reunion Dinner.” On the last day, people will celebrate by hanging red lanterns on temples and homes. They will pray for good fortune. People love the famous dragon dance! People glide colorful silk dragons across the streets! 

Every Lunar New Year, there are different animals associated with various celebrations. 2023 is the year of the rabbit! The year of the rabbit includes 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, and 2023. Even though Lunar New Year is mainly celebrated in China, it is also celebrated in Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, and parts of the US. Here are the rest of the animals and dates:

Some traditions are to deep clean homes, sweep away all of the bad luck and be ready to receive good luck. Many people also honor any family member who died by visiting their grave the day before and adding an extra glass to the dinner table. Red envelopes that have money inside are often given to children and elders. People who receive one are wished to have a safe and peaceful year. 

The food cooked during the Lunar New Year is also very important. People serve: “Lucky” food. 

  • Fish- an increase in prosperity
  • Dumplings – wealth
  • Spring rolls – wealth
  • Tangyuan (sweet rice balls) – family togetherness
  • Good fortune fruit – fullness and wealth
  • Niangao (rice cake) – Higher income/position
  • Longevity noodles- happiness and longevity

Celebrated every year, Lunar New Year will continue to be a big hit filled with happiness and fun, traditions, and time to honor your loved ones.


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